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rPET sheet

rPET sheet
0.2 ~ 1.8 mm
max 1250 mm
Roll Weight
max 1200 kg (Jumbo Roll)

rPET sheet

Such critical problems as climate change, ocean pollution, overflowing garbage etc which are threatening human lives and the earth are comprised considerably of huge quantity of plastic products which are produced, consumed and throw away. PET which are used for drink bottles is most important recycling material and shows recycling rate over 50% for fiber and disposable containers as well as bottles.

Following this kind of stream, we are incresing production quantity of rPET sheet using EREMA line and others to reach up to 100% recycled post consumer bottle flakes as well as post industrial sheet flakes, meeting FDA hygenic criteria. Critical hygenic criteria by food industrial based customers are not loosened simply by using more recycled material. So maintaining high quality criteria on hygenic matters like FDA approval etc, excellent thermoformability, consistency of color and other quality matters is quite difficult problem to sheet makers.

However you do not have to worry about it at all with Plastech’s rPET sheet. our rPET sheet based on GRS global recycling system is tested and approved reguarly by US FDA and local test and analyzing test laboratories for food contact safety of thermoformed containers for food, vegetable, fruit, drinks etc where they perform testings of migration to detect various kinds of items like hazard metals, hazard residues etc.