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R&D, management system to support customers and build our future

All management of sales, production, quality and shipment are performed as specified on ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standard and are supplemented by factory MES system.
This allows us to better serve our customers more efficiently and secure customized quality production.

To perform these missions, our Lab standard always keeps our quality control level as high as possible through analyzing our products constantly and critically using various advanced analyzing and testing devices.
Those analyzing results are reported and accumulated so that we can develop new and/or better products and to perform customized quality control.

All our effort and activities for R&D using 2 lines of Pilot machines for thin films and thick sheets are one of the most important segments comprising the future of Plastech.
Through these kinds of trial and errors we will build ability to deal with fast changing market trends, environment and ocean pollution, plastic problems and sustainable future product portfolio.