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APET sheet

APET sheet
0.15 ~ 1.5 mm
max 1450 mm
Roll Weight
max 800 kg

APET sheet

AceAPET sheet widely used for general industrial purposes is also selected by those customers who require for specific functional properties as well as especially critcal quality of products. Those high-end quality film and sheet without Gel, fish-eye, black specks etc is considerably difficult to produce with rPET material at competitive price, APET sheet is used instead. These kinds of high-end PET sheet is used for critically quality-oriented applications and so stable quality of film and sheet is very important to prevent defective products and increase productivity while converting.

Those highly functional acePET film and sheet based on APET and PETG material are products through which you can verify competitiveness of high quality by Plastech. Especially APET sheet with protection PE film masking on both or one side can be selected to replace expensive Polycarbonate sheet or brittle Acrylic sheet at much more effective cost. You can use these APET sheet with thickness from 0.3mm to 1.5mm in cut sheet form.